Galactic Expansion

by PsyKotic Refuge

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"Standing at a single point, the realm of three dimensions reveals itself. Light shines forth and one by one little multicolored balls of flame break free from the light in all directions. Faster than they can fade, new energies present themselves to the show. A rumble. The first of many novae has begun its reaction. Micro particles race outward and the inevitable collapse only retains a small portion of that which first flew. Slowly, darker structures appear, orbiting the flames of this new forge. They are dark and explosive yet the ones that fight the initial violence begin to grow in hues yet seen. The semblance of time is lost here and so you know not how long, but after some while the image shakes and the center begins to crave the outlying edges. As it all meets in the center a blinding light..
And the process begins again..."

Over 60 hours of work to bring forth a touch over an hour journey. Galactic Expansion is the album I have been wanting to make for a long time. Taking inspirations from my favorite types of music and providing my unique twist. I have taken the wanderings of my mind and transposed them into a musical format. An insane blend of styles, Galactic Expansion and the tracks within, paint a beautiful picture of an endless journey.

The album is seamless, as in, while there are separate tracks, they fade and blend perfectly into each other to provide a powerful listening experience. Taking hints from very ambient heavy ideas, to things more familiar such as house, there is something for everyone to enjoy.


released February 26, 2016



all rights reserved


PsyKotic Refuge Alabama

For over a decade I have used FLStudio to producer a wide variety of tracks and sound clips.
With little musical training I am self taught. Specializing in Spacey and Chill tracks I enjoy a large spectrum of musical styles.

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Track Name: Life
We must continue to support that which has seen immortality. By the notion of everything the thought did first observe, a light, shining as if omnidirectional, was revered enough to prompt a second glance.
Though it was through that glance the new world took shape. The mountains laid waste to what had been flat mere moments ago and the clash betwixt the sea and sky revealed within, a passionate flame. Such flame brought forth a rapid desensitization and cooled the near frozen lake.
Twere it not for the spheres of foundation the structure would have surely collapsed into itself. Yet fervent it stood. Unwavering of the new winds that sought to shape the remaining ash.
A single seed began the transformation and that same seed, in the end, took the illusion away
Track Name: Solar Flair
yeah we got that bass a flowing
With the hype feeling right we showing
while your here show no fear take the streets tonight
Praise the beat stomp your feet till the morning light (x2)

Yeah it's party up time now shake the ground
with the sound jump around cause we taking the town
I've found
That simple-ee with a recipe
feeling fresh with best of the pedigree
C'mon next to me
go and let it be
Never scared in the air or out at sea
Dance right for the good fight keep the group tight
With an invite hey Rousey look at me
taking pot shots
in the hotspots
with the crop tops
and the flip flops
Yeah we going and we don't stop drop
Belly flop from the roof top
with the bellhop from the hotel
raise hell
rebel mademoiselle
oh well they sell zinfandel and
peach shnaps
in the gift shop

lets keep it real
with the mass appeal
lemon zest the zeal
for the best reveal
thats the ideal goal in mind
you will find in due time
that the line refined
will be the sign
Of a great vacay
lets extend the stay
but the only way
it'll be okay
is if we never ever ever hideaway
now is there anything else that we need to say

yeah we got that bass a flowing
With the hype feeling right we showing
while your here show no fear take the streets tonight
Praise the beat stomp your feet till the morning light (x2)

we drive cars
and we live fast
but we gota finda way
to keep life a blast
well you ask
with the task
while I bask
in the light of a
all that other bullshit
cause we're here to chill
but still be for real
so c'mon let your feel
ings show and grow you know
I'll still call you bro
your past doesn't need to matter no mo
With true relaxication
and maybe inebreation
we can travel cross the nation
and reverb the proclamtion
that the people have the gall
to just say fuck it all
And give their friends a call
No need for them to stall

It's time to jump up
get down
grab someone
and gather round
Take a little glance
of the chance
that romance
brings the trance
to the dance floor
Wait no more
it's your score
hear you roar
and therefor
Be chill and be kind
do yourself a favor and
free your mind
go out and get some
but mostly just have fun
and when you think your done
we'll all say that we've won

yeah we got that bass a flowing
With the hype feeling right we showing
while your here show no fear take the streets tonight
Praise the beat stomp your feet till the morning light (x2)