by PsyKotic Refuge

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"Finally! Everything is filed away and it's time to clock out. The front clerk waves goodbye as you step out into the city. Dusk has turned the sky into a beautiful ocean of color and the city garners a second wind.
You turn to walk, a couple of co-workers ask about about going to a club. You meander into the hazy basement with everyone else. Fog, bright sounds, and even brighter colors fill the room. They are happy here..
You decide to bounce and hail a cab. The sun is quickly setting and as the drive unfolds from the city ablaze with neon signs and traffic lights, to the burbs where people have begun to grill, to the countryside as the light pollution fades away and the galaxy comes to greet you. Finally home, and settled, the night has truly begun and the stars have come to play..."

A very fun, story driven track from the get-go. We developed the idea together on stream and the story took hold. To pin this track to one genre or even style is hard, though it does share strong ties with House. Progressive in nature and eclectic in its structure, Nightfall is a loving track and a great ride.


released February 23, 2016



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PsyKotic Refuge Alabama

For over a decade I have used FLStudio to producer a wide variety of tracks and sound clips.
With little musical training I am self taught. Specializing in Spacey and Chill tracks I enjoy a large spectrum of musical styles.

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